Author: Charlotte Brown

Bricklane shortlisted for two awards at UK Proptech Awards 2021

About the UK PropTech Awards Founded in 2018, the UK PropTech awards celebrate professionals and companies in the PropTech ecosystem by awarding those that are driving digital transformation. Whether by demonstrating leadership within their companies, displaying the qualities needed for the industry to thrive or taking a collaborative and innovative approach to tackling industry challenges, […]

Bricklane properties are carbon neutral with Wren

We are working with Wren, a California based start up, to offset emissions from our properties by sponsoring a community tree planting scheme called The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST). The project helps subsistence farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.   How does TIST work? TIST hosts workshops and provides funding for […]

Moorfield Group and Bricklane enter £600m UK PRS partnership

London, 21 April 2021 — Moorfield Group, the UK real estate fund manager, and Bricklane, the proptech residential investment platform, have established a partnership (the “Partnership”) that is targeting a £600 million UK portfolio of professionally managed homes for rent. The Partnership, which represents the most significant technology-driven investment in the UK’s residential market to […]