Bricklane properties are carbon neutral with Wren

All of the properties in our portfolios are carbon neutral as of 2020

We are working with Wren, a California based start up, to offset emissions from our properties by sponsoring a community tree planting scheme called The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST). The project helps subsistence farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


How does TIST work?

  1. TIST hosts workshops and provides funding for farmers to plant trees and benefit from their environmental and economic/social impact.
  2. Farmers form small groups to support each other as they grow new trees and get paid by TIST to maintain the groves.
  3. As trees mature, they sequester carbon and provide valuable resources like fruit, fuel, windbreaks, and more.
  4. Quantifiers contracted by TIST measure the growth of each grove and make the real time data available to anyone.



TIST has planted over 18 million trees over 20 years and almost all of them are still thriving. They have pioneered a successful model which keeps planted trees growing and provides social benefits to farmers.

Alongside the positive climate impact, TIST participants have also created over $140 million of economic benefits, in addition to sales from carbon credits. TIST helps build leadership in the communities they work in, and 50% of the leaders they help are women.

This project is certified by Verra Carbon Standard, an organisation that verifies the amount of carbon offset by projects.

We’ll be continuing to work with Wren to ensure our portfolios are carbon neutral and exploring other ways to improve our impact in future.

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